Psyche Systems Corporation Forms Strategic Alliance with tevixMD to Provide Patient Validation and Verification in the Lab 

Milford, MA, (January 18, 2016) – Psyche Systems Corporation and tevixMD Corporation have formed a strategic alliance which offers laboratories the ability to conduct real-time patient verification and insurance eligibility using the patented technology contained in tevixMD’ Patient Admit System or P.A.S., providing better reimbursement percentages with fewer losses due to invalid information or insurance coverage.

Together, Psyche Systems and tevixMD will provide laboratories with the ability to perform patient verification and eligibility either at the point of service, accessioning or when the case is submitted to billing. Once the patient is verified through tevixMD, the information is automatically transferred into Psyche’s LIS and stored with that patient’s case.

Psyche’s laboratory information systems provide a unified platform and database while addressing the specific workflow, testing intricacies, tracking and complex reporting requirements that are unique to molecular, toxicology and drug management, and pathology. Our approach to solution development ensures that labs get the process and output that is the most efficient, productive, and profitable to them while supporting their clients’ ability to provide the best possible patient care and outcomes.

“We are proud to announce our agreement with Psyche Systems Corporation,” noted William “Todd” Andros, President and CEO of tevixMD. “We look forward to working with both current and future Psyche clients to provide cutting edge integration with our real-time patient verification and eligibility systems.”

“We know that many labs struggle with the financial end of the business. The cost of performing tests are rising while reimbursements are falling. As such, we are always looking for ways to provide business improvements and better ROI to our customers through expanding technology and automation.” says Lisa-Jean Clifford, CEO of Psyche Systems. “We are excited to be able to provide an alliance with tevixMD to help increase the reimbursements as well as the speed and efficiency gains to the lab by providing the ability to verify and validate coverage before the expenditure in the lab or the billing and collections process begins.”

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About Psyche Systems Psyche Systems Corporation is a private, profit-driven software company that has focused exclusively on delivering laboratory information software to hospitals, clinics, reference and private labs since 1976. It is this unwavering focus on serving our core customer base that has enabled Psyche to maintain strong customer loyalty and deliver on our commitment to high quality products and services. Psyche Systems’ laboratory information software are best-of-breed products designed to meet the specific needs of anatomic pathology, cytology, histology, dermatopathology, GI, toxicology, microbiology and molecular laboratories. We at Psyche work closely with our customer base during product development to ensure we are delivering the highest quality products and services at a competitive price.

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About tevixMD tevixMD Corporation provides real-time and batch identity verification and benefits eligibility services that enable healthcare service providers to eliminate bad debt and increase collections. The Patient Admit System uses our patented verification technology, advanced cloud technology and proprietary software tools to create simple, easy to use tools that can be deployed at a single site or enterprise wide. For more information, visit

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